How to Teach Numerals to Kindergarten Children

How to Teach Numerals to Kindergarten Children

Summary: To teach numerals to kindergarten children, first master a base of counting, both forwards and backwards, and then help the children recognize numerals in print. Help kindergartners learn to count with information from an early childhood teacher in this free video on education.

“There are many ways that you can best introduce teaching numerals to young children. The first way is to master a base of counting. So have the children master how to count from one to ten. You may want to display a number line in your classroom that you can use to point to as you count the numbers. Use picture books that use counting. I would practice numbers one through twenty in these picture books. You’ll also want to practice counting backwards from ten down to zero. One way that we often do this is to pretend that we are rocket ship and we start at the very, very bottom with our hands all scrunch up as we do ten, nine, eight, seven, we grow and grow and grow until we get to one and then we blast off and all jump up. After you’ve mastered this, you want to make sure that the children can recognize the numerals in print. When the children are able to recognize them, you may want to move on to writing the numerals. Here are a couple of quick rhymes that you can use when teaching the children how to write numerals one through ten. For one, we always say start at the top and down we run; that’s how we make a one. I have around the track and go right back, two, two, two. Around the tree and around the tree, that’s how we make the three. Down over and down some more, that’s how we make a four. In this one doesn’t rhyme, but the kids will always seem to love it. I always tell the, down, a fat belly and a hat on top; hello Mr. Five. We’ll do, bending down to pick up sticks, that’s how you make a six. Whether or not you choose to do this, it’s up to you, but we always would say, over and down from heaven, that’s how you make a seven. Make an S but do not wait, close the gate, you’ve got an eight. A circle in the line, that’s a nine. And we often tell them that you do one egg laid by a hen, now we have a ten. So that’s just some quick catchy phrases that you can use with your children when practicing how to write numerals. Practice them daily so that your children are able to master all of the numbers.”

eHow Article: How to Teach Numerals to Kindergarten Children


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